Beauty is not a shallow preoccupation. Nor is it for certain people only. Beauty is a very important asset that is in everyone’s best interest to leverage. Men and women alike, CEO leading the boardroom, or simply in our daily life... Our personal image, the way we come across, that first impression we form in another’s mind is our personal “brand”. There is, want it or not, ready or not, always a value attached to your appearance. We believe it is smart to make it work for you!

In a society that is so competitive. It is even more important to manage your beauty capital in the most effective way. There is a value attached to youth if you keep it together, as well as to maturity, as long as you know how to keep it youthful and relevant.
Beauty is luckily complex. There is no one ideal representation of beauty, no one size fits all either, no dogma of style. Each of us is unique, multi-dimensional, and aspire to different things for ourselves. There is inherent beauty in that reality. We seek talents who respect that very basic ethical element in their work.
Empowerment comes from finding the most appealing outer expression of your most valuable inner being. At that point, we communicate all we are, and meet our own potential. We look and feel at our best, and that precious state projects invaluable confidence. Confidence that comes from real beauty.

Why should brides have all the fun? Grooms also deserve to look the best on their wedding day. A wedding is not only a special day for the bride but the groom also wants to make this day the most special one.

Though the “to-do” list for the grooms is not as extensive as the brides, we still make it a point to provide our grooms with all the grooming treatments that they require on their special day.

We provide our services to both men and women alike with certain treatments that are indigenous to our own design.

Our staff understands the need to continuously improve the experience as well as the atmosphere you get at Krisalys. The music themed facility, the café and the professional help are only the icing on the cake that is our service to make you look amazing – make you feel Krisalysed in the beauty tower of the century, where each floor offers a different experience.


At The Krisalys, we aim to be the best holistic beauty and wellness facility in the world and for that we hold ourselves accountable for exceeding our customers’ high expectations and recognize every customer as our ultimate focus.

We believe the actions of one have the power to change the world. At The Krisalys, our goal is to instill the confidence to conquer the world – in each and every one of our customer.


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